Wow! February 1st 2018!

Where does time go….mine disappears sweetly as I follow my “now” through out the day.

Each day is a bit different as I perform my various roles…barista, Hospice volunteer, Reiki practitioner, pet owner, home owner, neighbor, friend, sister, daughter, niece, aunt, godmother and oh yeah…blogger!

I can’t believe the last time I posted was before Thanksgiving kicked off the holiday craziness.

I had a fabulous time embodying the Christmas Spirit this year spending time with family for the first time in years.

New Years and January zipped by!

Did you set any resolutions you’ve abandoned already? I used to then I switched to a theme for the year.

The theme for 2018 is “Inspired Action” which has kept me quite busy….I’ve been very inspired the past 4 weeks to do everything BUT write.

Seems like that has changed tonight……

The Library

I LOVE the public library! Since I was a little kid I’ve had a library card. Back then librarians and card catalogs helped me discover books to read. Or I just roamed around until a book jumped of the shelf.

Now from the comfort of my own home I log into my library account and quickly put an item on hold. My local library website is easy to navigate and has the latest books, movies, cds, etc. I receive emails when my item is in plus alerts when it’s due! No late fees for me!

When I pick my dvd and/or books up there is usually a lot of activity…folks enjoying the butterfly garden outside, perhaps an event in one of the rooms, the used bookstore, kids playing in the colorful area designed for them, people using the computers and/or printers and of course the jigsaw puzzle table.

I am so glad my local library embraces technology AND community.

I sure hope they never go out of style.

Do you enjoy your local library?


Emotions. I feel mine. I don’t ignore them. This evening I am dancing with anger. I feel it to my core…deep, deep within.  I find it humorous when anger is raging through my body, thoughts and energy field I get so much done! Anger spurs me into constructive action as I gain years this lifetime. When I was younger anger led to destruction…. I bet I’m not the only one.

Meditation taught me to be an observer of myself.  I watch the anger release and float away replaced with thoughts of peace, gratitude and love


I came up with the name of my blog Ynotlove because I love so many things! I have a million ideas to write about!

My resistance is actually writing them down instead of letting them float in my head. I signed up for a 2 week class from  WordPress to create good habits and a blog worth reading. I sure hope I follow through.

My first assignment is to say why I’m blogging and what about. I’ll be sharing experiences I love, books that enlightened me, people who inspire me, emotions that move me…the possibilities are endless. And I hope you dear reader are curious to see what my latest love is.

The why is Y not? I love to write.

WordCamp Baltimore 2017

I love to go to cool events as a volunteer. The benefits usually include free admission, T-shirt, food and interesting people. At the moment I’m volunteering for WordCamp Baltimore 2017. WordCamp is all about WordPress. I’m new to blogging and need all the help I can get to understand how to fully utilize all that it can do. So far I’ve learned how to tag and categorize my posts. Overall I’m still lost..this event seems to be more advanced than I am.  


I have a very bad case of “tomorrow “! Tomorrow I will write a blog, clean my house, do laundry, get an oil change, balance my bank account, pay bills…..

That allows me to just be. To let the sun shine on my face as the wind whispers into my ears. I think it’s perfectly fine to be lazy when the mood strikes. I’ve enjoyed this week of “tomorrow”

It’s time has come to an end because as you see I wrote a blog Today! Feels the a case of “today” has struck…onto the laundry next. 

May you love today and tomorrow 

I’m launching! 

How lucky am I? Christine Williams, the lovely host of The Greatest You Summit has invited me on her show! I am so honored she has given me this opportunity to share my gifts with the world! She’s had people that have been on Oprah and she invited me to join her! I hope to hear you on the call for some love and light.

Please join me on Greatest You Summit and receive distance Reiki healing for yourself and your loved ones. I would really appreciate you joining me there. Sign up at

I invite you to take this opportunity to move forward, receive mini healings, possibly get healed, inspired, answers and so much more. You never know what’s in store for you. Remember, life can change very unexpectedly even in a nanosecond. Do you know when your moment of change can be? Get the needed support as the old paradigm crumbles!
Here’s the link again to join me and 25 other powerful speakers.


Yes! You definitely want to sign up for Denise aka the Lucky Bee’s free webinar about money mindset…what have you got to lose? Nothing….what have you got to gain? Tips and techniques to increase your abundance…don’t we all want that? Here’s the link to sign up for this Free webinar from one of my favorite down to earth entrepreneurs