Distant Reiki

Do you need Reiki sent to you? I offer distant Reiki for $1.00 per day. Reiki energy balances and heals gently on a physical, mental, emotional, and/ or spiritual level. Intelligent it goes to where you need it. Why this is no-one seems to just works


Soul Story & Realignment

Accessing your Akashic Record I look at your Soul from its time of origin and uncover your Divine gifts. I also look at any blocks and restrictions from past lives clearing them to your original Divine Soul Blueprint. This is a transformative reading that will lead you to your true Soul


Reiki Master class


reiki 1 class

Heal your self and others by turning your switch on



Reiki II

Deepen your connection to Reiki AND have the ability to send distant Reiki


Akashic Records Consultation

Would you like to ask questions of your Akashic Records..the record of your soul? A consultation takes you to the deepest parts of your soul. We meet via zoom and consult your records for a hour or two about relationships, repeating patterns, current life circumstances or spiritual path.