My Momma

My mother passed to the other side early in March of this year. So much to say about her transition…..

I had the honor and pleasure of being with her that last weekend here on the earth plane. Such a honest, incredible complicated woman! She had so many abilities…her absolutely Greatest was/is to make a total stranger feel completely at ease with her quick smile, warm heart and flashing green eyes. I light up just thinking about the many souls she befriended…

I had the honor and pleasure of helping my Mother transition and do her review! We had the comical week! I’ve been seeing/hearing dead people/ spirits forever! My Mom has rolled her eyes and humored me about this and many of my other other worldly experiences my whole life! Never in a mean way! Just…”you’re different with an eye roll and I why don’t I remember my past lives? Why don’t I see and hear spirits & ……?”

She was overwhelmed and I helped walk her through it…we had so much fun! She gave me individual messages to give my siblings. She had me text my aunt, uncle and caretaker and tell them to go out to lunch and talk about how great she is!

The day she did her review of our relationship her first words were “You are a big shot up here Kathy! Oh my all I did was roll my eyes at you! I had no idea! And you go way above this level!!”

My mom is a Leo throughout and loves Big Shots!

We have been really tight since her passing because as she says I’m the only one that hears her. She is having a blast on the other side!

If you’d like to reach out to one of your deceased loved ones please contact me for further assistance