I heal many

Back in February I switched my WordPress free account to paid account. So happy I did! My favorite bonus of paid account is the one on one scheduled  sessions with a happiness engineer.  I have learned so much and been patiently guided to get the maximum benefits offered with my paid plan.

One of which is my own domain name. Ynotlove.com was already taken…the person helping me told me to take my time..it’s a big decision.


my soul purpose for being born this lifetime is to heal others


I heal others in so many ways…

As a hospice volunteer offering everything from Reiki to a listening ear

As a barista greeting you with your name and a smile as you order your cup of happiness

As a Reiki master sending, giving, and teaching the wonderful energy of Reiki

and so many other ways in my daily life.


that is how my domain site came to be…my deepest soul desire is to heal many.