I came up with the name of my blog Ynotlove because I love so many things! I have a million ideas to write about!

My resistance is actually writing them down instead of letting them float in my head. I signed up for a 2 week class from  WordPress to create good habits and a blog worth reading. I sure hope I follow through.

My first assignment is to say why I’m blogging and what about. I’ll be sharing experiences I love, books that enlightened me, people who inspire me, emotions that move me…the possibilities are endless. And I hope you dear reader are curious to see what my latest love is.

The why is Y not? I love to write.

WordCamp Baltimore 2017

I love to go to cool events as a volunteer. The benefits usually include free admission, T-shirt, food and interesting people. At the moment I’m volunteering for WordCamp Baltimore 2017. WordCamp is all about WordPress. I’m new to blogging and need all the help I can get to understand how to fully utilize all that it can do. So far I’ve learned how to tag and categorize my posts. Overall I’m still lost..this event seems to be more advanced than I am.  


I have a very bad case of “tomorrow “! Tomorrow I will write a blog, clean my house, do laundry, get an oil change, balance my bank account, pay bills…..

That allows me to just be. To let the sun shine on my face as the wind whispers into my ears. I think it’s perfectly fine to be lazy when the mood strikes. I’ve enjoyed this week of “tomorrow”

It’s time has come to an end because as you see I wrote a blog Today! Feels the a case of “today” has struck…onto the laundry next. 

May you love today and tomorrow