Wow! Accessing Akashi records

So cool to have a name for what I’ve done naturally all my life! I know all answers are available to me. Since I was little I’ve used that knowledge to pass tests with flying colors, cream people in trivia games, etc. 

I did not know I also have access to my very own record! Of all my lifetimes! And current lifetime plus future! Woo hoo! My life just became very easy!! 

Gotta go explore my world..remind myself what my mission is this lifetime. I already know it to awaken individuals to their own truth. Crazy! I forgot to live my own truth!!! 

Not anymore.. 

A Stormy Night for Stormy Thoughts

The lightening is cracking around my home as the thoughts in my head are. Facebook makes it so difficult to move on from an ended relationship. What a pain in the ass. My ex moved out almost a year ago. But dear old Facebook will send me a “memory”. How sweet of it. Then we have the mutual friend world even though he unfriended me.  The kicker for me to unfriend each mutual friend last night was seeing a “mutual friend”relive our honeymoon with him this past week. F**k you both 

Popping the dating cherry

wow! I did it! I went on a date. First “first” date in 7 years. Yes..via OK Cupid. Spur of the moment message I sent to him last night suggesting we meet at a local venue for conversation. Had a great time tonight over dinner. He is successful, a gentlemen. Overall much better than sitting home on a Saturday night.

Tomorrow I’m meeting another man for coffee…