I am developing my new character for the latest movie I am starring in featuring my life.

I am a once married natural independent loner. I embody the natural gifts of an empath. I no longer fight it My new character embraces these qualities with love and joy. I am naturally best with strangers. I can quickly size up what you need and send healing your way. I am most busy these days with healing myself.

Physically I have the natural physique of athlete. A slightly untoned athlete, tall and slender. Yoga and movement are helping me tone what I let go in my marriage. Not only did my ex stop seeing me I stopped seeing myself. I have hung mirrors in every room so I can see myself. Most days I like my reflection. I have gorgeous hair..long curls a unique color…like spun gold or copper..all natural. A wonderful smile lights up my face that shines out to the world most days.

I believe in the law of attraction and manifesting one’s own world. This attractor of all good things for her is off to clean her beautiful home because yes, manifestation needs action along with thought and high vibration

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