My Movie Script

This year I realized life is a movie. Certain times of life what we go thru is so universal that it’s been a movie.

My current movie is like Must Love Dogs, Waiting to Exhale, or any of the other movies that the star is nursing a heartbreak and betrayal from the life changing event of divorce. Other movies I have been the star include romantic comedies, family dramas, and self discovery.

Opening scene…sunlight streaming thru the blinds shining on the three in bed. There I lay with the cat on one side and the dog on another. I look healthy and luminescent. I am thankful when I wake up for how fortunate I am. Then the thoughts start…often of the ex….And then I remember the movie he had a role in has wrapped. Yes I have watched the rerun often. Sometimes with a smile sometimes with a frown.

My new character is happy. I know my happiness comes from within. Something the ex and I often disagreed on..I know wherever I am all is good. The ex believed happiness lived somewhere else…never where he was.

I am happy with my work. I hand out good wishes and happiness as a barista for a national corporation. I work for a really good company that values align with mine.  Funny..because of my marriage to the ex I work there. When we got married I had a nice chunk of money in the bank from an inheritance from my Dad.  I got a part time job there for health insurance for the ex and I. Turns out I love it. The money in the bank has been drained. I still love my job but I do need more income than it provided. This is what has led to blogging. I have been researching ways for new revenue to come in..writing, reiki and being in the healing arts are speaking to me as the answer.

My new role: successful paid writer living my dream.


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