Evening News

Why not love the evening news. One hour a day is what I dedicate to know what is going on  in the world from local to international. First I catch the 6:00 edition of the local news. Then I watch the 6:30 edition of national news. My preference is NBC. They have a simple format. First is any international or national news..a bombing somewhere, someone famous died, etc. Lately it’s been about the political scene. This particular year Donald Trump is making the headlines for is bid for president of the United States. Crazy that he is actually getting votes in the primaries. I have not heard him discuss any issues. Instead he acts like a bully on the schoolyard slandering his running mates. Time will tell if he is the next leader of our country.

Then the weather is covered. El Nino and Mother Nature have been blowing in quite a bit this year. Furious storms start on the west coast of the United States and work their way east causing havoc and chaos for some people. I bless the people who have lost their homes or lives due to tornadoes, flooding, fires, etc.

From here health will usually be brought up. Anything from super lice in schools to the latest cancer causing food or behavior.

Wrap up is a nice story about someone doing good for someone else.

That’s all I need to feel informed. Today’s availability of 24 hours news can overwhelm some people. My ex husband was an avid Fox news watcher. He could ruin a perfectly beautiful day ranting about the rhetoric that Fox news brain washed him in believing. I got so fed up that he used Obama being president as the reason he couldn’t find work. BS..I’ve been working since Carter was is office.

Watch a hour of the local and national news to keep yourself informed. Then let it go and live your life.


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