My Momma

My mother passed to the other side early in March of this year. So much to say about her transition…..

I had the honor and pleasure of being with her that last weekend here on the earth plane. Such a honest, incredible complicated woman! She had so many abilities…her absolutely Greatest was/is to make a total stranger feel completely at ease with her quick smile, warm heart and flashing green eyes. I light up just thinking about the many souls she befriended…

I had the honor and pleasure of helping my Mother transition and do her review! We had the comical week! I’ve been seeing/hearing dead people/ spirits forever! My Mom has rolled her eyes and humored me about this and many of my other other worldly experiences my whole life! Never in a mean way! Just…”you’re different with an eye roll and I why don’t I remember my past lives? Why don’t I see and hear spirits & ……?”

She was overwhelmed and I helped walk her through it…we had so much fun! She gave me individual messages to give my siblings. She had me text my aunt, uncle and caretaker and tell them to go out to lunch and talk about how great she is!

The day she did her review of our relationship her first words were “You are a big shot up here Kathy! Oh my all I did was roll my eyes at you! I had no idea! And you go way above this level!!”

My mom is a Leo throughout and loves Big Shots!

We have been really tight since her passing because as she says I’m the only one that hears her. She is having a blast on the other side!

If you’d like to reach out to one of your deceased loved ones please contact me for further assistance

The Holidays are here!

Ah..Yes.. the most “wonderful” time of year bringing out every emotion known to folks in the USA…from genuine goodwill to snapping anger. I have the pleasure of working at a very busy kiosk serving cups of happiness for a well known, well loved and well hated coffee company in a “destination” mall.

I love my job…..most of the time.

From now until January I will easily get my 10k steps in even though I don’t have a Fitbit to prove it. I will hustle and breathe deep as I wait on one person after another after another after another……

My intention for this holiday season is to be kind, patient and fast because most are stressed and in a hurry. Many will have loved ones pushing their buttons, financial and/or health concerns or the aching longing of connection. Others that love this time of year grinning ear to ear. And let’s not forget the children, teenagers and grumpy old men.

I intend to make memorable moments for people as they pass through the NEVER ENDING line………..

Wish me luck!

Happy Thanksgiving!

May you have many Thanks to count..I sure know I do

To you my dear readers I give my heartfelt thank you for reading my words…

May your holiday time be filled with moments of pure joy

Happy Love Day

Happy Love Day!

Are you showing love to yourself?

Are you showing love to others?

Are you sad you are alone?

Are you rejoicing you are alone?

Are you sad you are with someone?

Are you rejoicing you are with someone?

This day creates stress for some, sadness for others, annoyance for many and some love this day

Where do you fall?

I’ve experienced all of the above

I bet you could say the same…from kindergarten to now I betcha you have experienced quite a few yourself

Some memorable…

Some not so much….

Today mine has been spectacular and I hope yours is also!

Today’s photo are the tulips I bought myself to show my love to me….something I hope you show yourself…

Love yourself!

And let the magic of being your own best friend rock your world!

If you’d like to work with me let me know…

Anything from sending you Reiki to going deep into your Divine Soul Blueprint to meeting your Spirit Guides or perhaps you want to talk to a deceased love one…it’s all about you……




Distant Reiki

I truly want to heal the world one person at a time. Realizing I have the ability to send Reiki to anywhere in the world I have added a new offer.

Receive Distant Reiki for $1 per day. Less then you would be charged a cup of coffee at my day job and probably far more healing.

May I send you Reiki?

And yes the photo above is my garage door. A dear artistic friend of mine surprised me while I was at my day job. She knows how much I love sending Reiki how to the world.

Check out my offerings page to sign up for Reiki to be sent to you

Getting on a jet plane

One of my absolutely favorite things to do is getting on a jet plane!

Why you ask?

Because I get to soar above the clouds and observe the beauty and freedom of the skyIMG_0038

Do you like to soar thru the sky on a jet plane taking you to new places?

Because that’s reason number 2…

I LOVE going to places I’ve never been. I don’t understand the concept of going to the same place year after year after year…….

The past few years my goal/bucket list is to go to every state in the USA

Have you been to Montana or Idaho…OMG! The beauty CAN NOT be captured in a photo

Have you smelled stinky Yellowstone? You CAN NOT capture that smell in a photo

Life is meant to be experienced and lived to the fullest and travel allows that for me. It expands and heals me at the same time.

What about you dear reader? What emotions are invoked in you getting on a jet plane? Fear? Excitement? Frustration? Joy?

I would love to hear your emotions!

Please leave your comments below

And feel free to contact me if you’d like to shift that emotion.

We can schedule a distance reiki session because I was born to help people live in the vibration of joy and I would love to have everyone feel the same sense of joy and excitement I feel when I board a jet plane or just floating about day to day

May your time be feel with bliss in the meantime

Pity Party to wild hair

android-wallpaper-camper-campervan-24698.jpgSo I’m curious dear readers do you ever have pity parties?

I do…..often throughout my life time with the same themes…woe is me unwanted, unappreciated, disrespected, used, betrayed……

And then the wild hair pops up……..

And then…..

Action to make my life mine…..

Off I go on an adventure…

Will I sell my house and buy a small camper to roam the USA turning people on to Reiki…


Will I dye my hair some funky color…….

The past wild hairs have ranged from….

buying a plane ticket one way to Florida on a whim…..mmm…that was almost 40 years ago…it stuck

Another was to move St. Croix with a one night stand 48 hours knowing him….oh the stories and journey that took me on….and no that didn’t stick

So what about you dear readers…do you get the wild hair?

And how do you handle it?

Does it result in OMG..BEST DECISION EVER!!!!!!



Or somewhere in between cause your wild hair is never THAT wild

4th of July

Here I sit with my dog glued to my side. I have the fortune to live in a waterfront neighborhood.

Which means on 4th of July my dog stays glued to my side a nervous wreck because he thinks we live in a war zone.

We don’t.

Fireworks have been going off for several hours from every direction. I’m sure they are beautiful and bringing joy to a lot of folks…..

But not to my dog

It’s temporary…he’ll live…he just wants it to stop…

And it will.

And how fortunate we live in such a great country…that the war zones sounds are  fireworks celebrating our freedom

Happy Birthday America


I heal many

Back in February I switched my WordPress free account to paid account. So happy I did! My favorite bonus of paid account is the one on one scheduled  sessions with a happiness engineer.  I have learned so much and been patiently guided to get the maximum benefits offered with my paid plan.

One of which is my own domain name. was already taken…the person helping me told me to take my’s a big decision.


my soul purpose for being born this lifetime is to heal others


I heal others in so many ways…

As a hospice volunteer offering everything from Reiki to a listening ear

As a barista greeting you with your name and a smile as you order your cup of happiness

As a Reiki master sending, giving, and teaching the wonderful energy of Reiki

and so many other ways in my daily life.


that is how my domain site came to be…my deepest soul desire is to heal many.



Do you have money blocks?

Have you ever bought an online course you love?

I have.

I LOVE Money Bootcamp by Denise Duffield Thomas. I discovered her about a year before I bought into her money mindset course. She has so much free content available and won me over with her fun grounded advice. She really believes wealthy women can empower the world.

I love that fact once I started this course it is mine forever AND she does a new revamped live version every year! 2018 edition will be starting soon.

Check her out…maybe you want to be one of the smart women when it comes to how you handle your money. Denise is not a financial planner..she talks about money mindset…our relationship with money.

My relationship with money sure has changed for the better!

Here’s the link to check her out